The Northern Cross Science Foundation is a non-profit organization. On this page we list items for sale at nominal cost. All proceeds go directory to the treasury as donations. Thanks for your support!

Observing Aids

davidlevyplanisphereFind your way among the stars: The David Levy planisphere is a fresh take on the astronomer’s basic star finder. All constellations visible from out latitude are plotted, and you can see what’s up on any night of the year. Many astronomy facts are printed on the front and back. Contact Kevin Bert.

NCSF Logo Items



The ubiquitous T-shirt: Your choice of colors.





Large coffee mug: Great for those all-nighters at the scope or in the computer room.





Hooded sweatshirt: Keep your head warm on those cold nights!



There’s a lot more where this came from. We have all kinds of clothing, bags, mousepads, and stuff you haven’t even thought of! Check it out at the NCSF Cafepress store.