ISAN 2007

International Sidewalk Astronomy Night 2007

The first ever International Sidewalk Astronomy Night took place on May 19, 2007. We were at Bayshore Town Center, originally set up along the sidewalk just to the north of Kay Jewelers (across the street from Alterra Coffee). Unfortunately, the skies were overcast and it was raining off and on throughout the night, forcing us to move our setup indoors. Still, about 50 people joined us for a night of wonder, looking through telescopes at distant objects inside the mall, and talking about astronomy. It was a worthwhile event and we’ll be back at Bayshore, so check this website often!


We were just getting set up when it began to rain. This location is in the heart of Bayshore Town Center and many hundreds of people come through here on a good day. I am sure we will have a lot of success when we set up htere again on clear, warm nights.

Tony Marek brought his ETX125. It was set up to view a fire alarm box about 300 feet away, and the view was a big hit with the audience.

Mark Hirshman’s Bushnell “ball scope” was trained on a neon sign at the second-level bar and grill. You could see the pulsing inside the neon tube! Here a guest is amazed at the detail afforded by this little telescope.

Rob Powell talks with a guest about the NCSF and our activities. Rob was the person who got us into Bayshore Town Center effort for ISAN 2007. Great job Rob!

Rob’s 100mm binoculars on a T&T Binocular Mount sparked a lot of curiosity among passers-by. This was the one instrument that people were encouraged to move about and point on their own.

Becca Sher spoke with a few ladies at length during ISAN 2007. They were very happy to see something “other than shopping” going on at Bayshore Town Center.

Our setup in the rotunda. We always had about 10-15 guests per hour come through the display. Not bad considering it was raining and Bayshore is largely outdoors.