Member Programs

For NCSF members, there’s always something fun going on! Unless otherwise specified, there is no charge involved for any of these programs, as long as you are a member of the Foundation.

Observing Programs and Awards

As a member of the Astronomical League, the NCSF participates in the various AL observing programs. These programs challenge amateur astronomers to observe and log various sky objects, ranging from lunar craters to extermely distant galaxies. Participants hone their observing skills and learn about all kinds of astronomical phenomena. Upon completion, awards certificates and pins are issued by the Astronomical League, and presented by the NCSF to the observer. Many NCSF members have completed one or more of these programs. There’s something for every taste!

Telescope Loan Program

For those members who do not own telescopes, we offer an inventory of different instruments which may be “checked out” like library books. These loans carry a small fee of $2.00 per month, which we use to help offset the maintenance costs associated with the units. Each telescope comes with its own set of eyepieces and star charts, making them complete observing packages. We currently have a 4.25-inch reflector, a few 6-inch reflectors, and an 8-inch reflector available for loan.

Retail Discounts

NCSF members currently enjoy special discounts on goods and services from a variety of astronomical vendors. These include: